Coworking Facility – Multiple Locations
5,000 rsf to 7,500 rsf Collaborative Workspaces

Skills Used

  • Site Search and Selection
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Lease Renewal Negotiations


The Brief

As one of the first three coworking facilities in Los Angeles, BLANKSPACES pioneered the local collaborative workspace, but faced many challenges in opening new locations, not the least of which were Landlords’ skeptical of an emerging industry they didn’t understand and likened more to Fijian suites than 21st Century Coworking space.

Strategy & Results

To become an effective tenant rep on behalf of BLANKSPACES, rsf LA first became immersed in the Coworking model. With this comprehensive understanding of the business model and rsf LA principal’s long standing relationships in the commercial real estate industry, we were able to overcome Landlord resistance to a hybrid office need and negotiate multiple leases on BLANKSPACES’ behalf. This partnership continues as BLANKSPACES expands in the Los Angeles Basin. rsf LA has benefitted greatly with this new understanding of how modern office space is utilized.