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How We Do It

A client first, collaborative approach to find the right tenant or buyer for your property that will maximize your return on investment.

Is your property “Market Ready”?

Whether you own the asset, or are considering an acquisition, you must first understand where the property stands in the market, and what is required to lease or sell it at the best possible economic terms. We provide detailed lease/sale comparables, comprehensive leasing activity, and insight into market trends, knowledge you can leverage to unlock the most value.

Does the world know your property ?

rsfLA is connected to the real estate community with great broker relationships, ties to accelerators, Coworking facilities, and tenant forums. Our design & marketing team understand how to craft a message. Our delivery systems are first in class. And at rsfLA we still practice good old fashioned street brokerage – we canvass buildings.

Measure activity & leverage prospect feedback to negotiate the best transaction.

Our marketing activity is measurable, with regular detailed reports. Verifiable feedback from prospective tenants and buyers provide you invaluable input regarding your property offering. “Knowledge is Power”, especially in a property negotiation. Our clients are well armed.

Every successful listing assignment starts with a goal .......... yours.

The LA skyline, as seen from our DTLA office

Our approach to your listing

  • Benchmark your property against the competition
  • Establish the building brand
  • Advise on renovations & spec suite buildout
  • Create digital marketing materials
  • Generate automated campaigns to tenants & brokers
  • Canvass buildings & conduct property tours
  • Act as a conduit to tenant originators
  • Provide detailed marketing reports
  • Collaborate with building vendors
  • Manage CoStar, LoopNet, & Social Media
  • Organize DropBox account for all transaction & project files
  • Provide market data
  • Generate and negotiate proposals
  • Assist in lease negotiations

21st Century Tools



Cloud based Customer Relationship Management system for connecting with tenants, brokers, property owners, vendors, and tracking market data.



3rd party mail service connected to our CRM facilitates personalized broadcast email campaigns to brokers and tenants that aren’t blocked or labeled as spam.



Email click and open analytics provide real time stats and leads – you know exactly who expressed interest in your property.



We create project folders on DropBox that are intuitive to navigate and place all project related docs at your findertips for when you need them.