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Tenant Representation

The art and science of determining, and negotiating for, a company’s real estate needs.

Execute your lease with confidence

  • Prior to starting any tenant representation assignment, you must first identify your facility needs, as defined by your short and long term business plan. We’ll help you understand your space needs so you can be confident in your facility commitment.
  • Landlords are in the business of real estate and with few exceptions almost always hold the advantage in lease and purchase negotiations. We even the playing field. We understand how landlords think and utilize that perspective to your advantage.
  • We are able to maximize concessions, achieve more favorable terms, and minimize hidden costs because of our negotiating experience, familiarity with key buildings, and understanding of market conditions.

Benefits of Tenant Representation


Having a Tenant Representative is like having a new team of dedicated employees with a thorough knowledge of the market and the process, working exclusively on the project for your company.


Tenant Representatives bring a high degree of professionalism to your team, which translates into credibility with property owners, and an ability to minimize the complications of the transaction process.


A well-established Tenant Representative will have successfully handled the type of problem(s) you are facing. You will benefit from their experience.


The groundwork for a workable relationship with the Property Owner is established because Tenant Representatives act as negotiators, intermediaries, and buffers, rather than as principals.

Competitive Advantage

You gain leverage through the Tenant Representatives’ ability to create a competitive environment for your space need between buildings owners.

Vendor Resource

Tenant Representatives can assemble a professional team to help you with the negotiation of legal documents, design, construction, data/telco, and moving.

There is a good reason why nearly every major corporation operates this way!