Erica Taylor

Broker Extraordinaire


Erica started in real estate at a young age, working for her family operated 501(c)3 organization in the affordable housing sector, which she continues in today. She graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor of Science in both Real Estate and Finance. Upon graduation, Erica entered the world of investment banking, but soon realized her passion was elsewhere. As they say, do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life. Her passion is real estate and since joining the industry, she has not “worked” a single day! Erica’s business is built upon honesty, know-how, creativity, and hard work. When not at work, Erica is a competitive beach volleyball player, and enjoys hiking, swimming, working out, and traveling.


An athlete at heart, Erica played volleyball for USD’s nationally ranked Toreros where she honed her competitive spirit and leadership skills. To this day she participates in beach volleyball tournaments up and down the California coast. With a competitive drive developed in a team sport, Erica finds that working collaboratively with her peers and clients is the best approach to realize goals and achieve the best results.


Erica’s simultaneous emersion in the non-profit and for-profit brings her a unique perspective to problem solving in both. With a pulse in two worlds, she has learned to see both sides in a given situation, a valuable commodity when managing the very different needs of landlords and tenants locked in complex negotiations.

Erica thrives in a dynamic work environment, where she can bring people with similar interests and experiences together. She takes great pride in her ability to network and create the business opportunities that precede these collaborations. Even though born into this age of technology, Erica is a firm believer in face to face interaction as the best and most effective way to create relationships. Erica brings experience in the leasing and sales of both office and retail to rsfLA, further complemented by experience in finance, operations, marketing, and management.