Branding a Building Through Multimedia

1315 Third Street Promenade – Santa Monica CA-HD from rsfLA on Vimeo.

To successfully lease a commercial property in today’s world you need more than a sign and pdf brochure. You need to tell a story, one that resonates with your prospective tenant and elevates your property from a commodity to a brand.

Video can deliver that story like no other and help separate your property from the pack. To succeed, music, imagery, and story must all be in concert, to deliver a message that makes your audience feel. Because when confronted with multiple location choices of perceived equal benefit, the tenant will most often choose the location that “feels” right.

Delivery of this content through a targeted campaign to prospective tenants is highly effective, but cannot be done in a vacuum. Every piece of collateral must be unified with the same “message”. And the responsible listing team must be able to personify the brand. When the story is well thought out, and the delivery genuine, success follows.