I Love My Workspace

Saturday mornings at the office are not that unusual in our industry. We need quiet time to get through the previous week’s tasks, without the constant interruption of email and phone calls. As I reflect back on the week, this Saturday morning finds me in a far different place. Our shop no longer does business from a traditional office suite dedicated to commercial brokerage. We house in a Coworking facility.

On this particular Saturday, next to me sits Nick. He’s working on a proposal to bring fast pass screening to San Francisco Airport. His partners were responsible for the TSA, which Nick quickly points out may or may not be something you want to shout from the rooftops. We have an engaging conversation about the process and politics of curb to terminal processing, something I have experienced a thousand times, but never really understood.

A little farther over sits Leutrell. He helps staff startup companies and major corporations. Earlier this week I introduced him to the president of a local tech company with a requirement to fill 57 seats with software developers and tech savvy managers. Leutrell and his team are now engaged to fulfill this need. I’ve helped a client in a manner I could not have so easily in the past. I have also learned from an expert the recruiting side of the business and how employment, VC funding, and start up growth are linked, a very valuable insight into the emerging tech center around us.

This past Thursday, one of our conference rooms was the gathering place for 14 Los Angeles based angel investors as they strategized on future investments. In a workspace where collaboration is part of the DNA, there is no shortage of inspiration. Currently 25 different companies call this facility home. Another 25 use it on an as needed basis for events, presentations, and meetings.
So on this particular Saturday I reflect back on my week and the creative chaos that surrounds and stimulates us. There is still some quiet time to be found Saturday morning, but the underlying energy that accompanies these new captains of industry permeates the building. I couldn’t be happier.