Hudson Maudlin

Hudson joins rsf LA as a summer intern before entering his senior year at the University of Southern California. He is working towards his degree in Business Administration with a Minor in Real Estate Development. Born and raised in Southern California, from a family with a long history in the real estate industry, he has had an interest in commercial real estate from a young age. Hudson is responsible for keeping our CRM current, prospecting for new clients, and assisting with transactions. Previously, Hudson interned for a brokerage company specializing in triple-net investment sales.

2020 UPDATE:

After completing his internship at rsfLA, Hudson completed his degree at USC, graduating in only three years. Upon graduation, he accepted a position as a Financial Analyst at Mark IV Capital, a privately-held real estate investment and development company located in Newport Beach, CA. He has since earned a promotion to Senior Financial Analyst and is responsible for various aspects of the company’s operations in Orange County, CA and Texas, including managing the leasing of the company’s assets. Hudson credits his time at rsfLA for providing him with real estate fundamentals and experience that he continues to rely on. 

In addition to his work at Mark IV Capital, Hudson founded Maudlin Real Estate, which is focused on multi-family real estate investment in Illinois. In 2020, Maudlin Real Estate has completed two acquisitions and is actively pursuing additional opportunities.