Iman Rahbar

7Iman is an intern who recently joined the rsfLa team, and is currently studying Real Estate Development at the University of Southern California. Growing up in Los Angeles, Iman has a wealth of background and knowledge in the commercial real estate market with a consistent aim to grow and expand his expertise. Along with keeping our CRM system organized and up to date, Iman assists in recruiting new clients and managing social media platforms, while handling a number of day-to-day operations as well. When he is not in the office, Iman can either be found on the basketball court or spending time traveling.

Update: Iman graduate from USC in May 2015. Congratulations ! Given his fearlessness, self-confidence, and initiative, we have no doubt Iman will succeed in any endeavor he chooses. We feel very fortunate he elected to participate in our inaugural summer internship program at rsf LA.