Michael Preiss


Michael’s passions are hockey, sailing, and single track. But he’s also practiced office leasing and investment sales since 1989, mostly here in Los Angeles, with brief stints in Silicon Valley and London. 22 years into his career he founded RSFLA, with the belief the way the industry operated could be improved, in part, by adapting the best practices and technologies of the tech and media clients he had represented throughout the years.


In team sports since age 6, he also believes in the power of collaboration, a fundamental principle upon which RSFLA is built. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, so by surrounding yourself with brilliant people in a collaborative environment and providing them the tools to work their magic, the results cannot help but be exceptional. Teamwork demands trust, honesty, and at RSFLA, a consensus to put client needs first. It works.


Certain projects leave lasting marks upon your career. For Michael it was the involvement in adaptive re-use projects, including the conversion of BMW’s automotive test facility into a studio for Frank Gehry & Chiat Day, the transformation of a 43 year old Orowheat Bakery into General Motors’ design facility, the restoration of a 1929 art deco office tower (The ClockTower) into a landmark Silicon Beach creative office space, and the conversion of an obsolete manufacturing building & warehouse into Time Warner’s Studios. Anything is possible, with vision, a well thought plan, and hard work.